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Failed Build 105 - Scenario: os-odl_l2-nofeature-ha (Aug 28, 2017 1:02:10 AM)

POD: huawei-pod4
  1. Increase Ping scenario ssh timeout limit to 600 seconds (detail)
  2. Bugfix: Add missing dashes (detail)
  3. Change executed test cases for bgpvpn scenarios (detail)
  4. ARM64: Add support for aarch64 architecture (detail)
  5. Bugfix: correct the path of pod.yaml (detail)
  6. Add raw image support for lxd scenario (detail)
  7. Bugfix: use key_file instead passwork to log onto node in fuel baremetal (detail)
  8. bugfix: enable_ipv6_testcase_with_mitaka_in_compass (detail)
  9. Refine docs (detail)
  10. Bugfix: Fix a bug that cause yardstick-trusty-server image build fail (detail)
  11. Bugfix:Reporting do not report a status of failure to mongodb (detail)
  12. Bugfix: Fix a bug that cause yardstick-trusty-server image build fail (detail)
  13. yardstick: modify e2fsck command to run with -p param (detail)
  14. Add raw image support for lxd scenario (detail)
  15. Bugfix: modify comment bugs in TC055 and TC075 (detail)
  16. bugfix: yardstick reporing in stable branch omit stable/ (detail)
  17. Adjust flavor parameter in TC002 (detail)
  18. add ping6 parameters (detail)
  19. Modify comment in first line in all test suite (detail)
  20. dispatcher use YARDSTICK_BRANCH to distinguish different branch (detail)
  21. compute capacity description adjustment and HT check added (detail)
  22. Doc for Xreview by other test projects (detail)
  23. Added opnfv_os-odl_l2-fdio-noha_daily.yaml and (detail)
  24. Create reporting config file (detail)
  25. Update scenario test results files for Colorado release (detail)
  26. bugfix: ipv6 testcase ping6 command wrong (detail)
  27. get rid of private key in repo (detail)
  28. bugfix: ipv6 in mitaka ping6 fail in compass (detail)
  29. Update scenario test results file for Colorado release (detail)
  30. Refine release note & Update scenario test results (detail)
  31. Decoupling (detail)
  32. ipv6 test case to de-coupling to fuel/compass (detail)
  33. ipv6 testcase to support fuel (detail)
  34. ipv6 testcase disable port-security on vRouter (detail)
  35. Propose common directory for Docker related files (detail)
  36. Add raw image support for lxd scenario (detail)
  37. Rebase to fuel 10.0 for fuel@opnfv D release (detail)
  38. Bugfix: no pod.yaml file error when run test case not in the root path (detail)
  39. Proposing Jing Lu as a commiter in yardstick (detail)
  40. Provide yardstick-trusty-server.tar.gz for lxd scenario (detail)
  41. run ipv6 test case on more pods (detail)
  42. bug-fix: ipv6 ml2 file should use variable (detail)
  43. Bugfix: fix a bug in lxd scenario (detail)
  44. should move to 3rd party dir (detail)
  45. Update release note for Colorado 2.0 (detail)
  46. Bugfix: Add image modify scripts into environment variables (detail)
  47. Update userguide and results docs (detail)
  48. Bugfix: correct a typo in the yardstick userguide (detail)
  49. Refine docs (detail)
  50. Proposing Zhihui Wu as a commiter in yardstick (detail)
  51. Proposing Kanglin Yin  as a commiter in yardstick (detail)
  52. Proposing Mingjiang as a commiter in yardstick (detail)
  53. bugfix: update info error when rebase (detail)
  54. This patch is used to add grafana config to opnfv dashboard for (detail)
  55. Bugfix: correct a typo in the yardstick userguide (detail)
  56. remove yardstick_key from the repo (detail)
  57. Adapt blacklist for Colorado 2.0 (detail)
  58. committer retirement (detail)
  59. Add os-odl_l2-fdio-ha scenario support (detail)
  60. Bugfix:fix a bug that cannot be found in Yardstick (detail)
  61. This patch is used to update the time range in dashboard config from (detail)
  62. bugfix: tc027 results in tc037 time out (detail)
  63. Add how to add/modify Yardstick Grafana dashboard in user guide (detail)
  64. Create a to manage constant variable consistently (detail)
  65. Add task call entry in cli for REST API (detail)
  66. bugfix: ipv6 should log in controller node to setup (detail)
  67. Upgrade yardstick VM image from Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04 (detail)
  68. add option to connect to non-standard ssh port (detail)
  69. contexts/node: default to pod.yaml (detail)
  70. convert networkcapacity to LF (detail)
  71. Yardstick installation unified (pip/setup) (detail)
  72. Move requirement.txt from tests/ci/ to project root path (detail)
  73. Create API to run test cases (detail)
  74. add flag to keep stdin open (detail)
  75. influx: use urlsplit.hostname instead of netloc (detail)
  76. Deployment for API (detail)
  77. Update release note for Colorado 3.0 (detail)
  78. Fix the conflict in yardstick.conf between API and CI (detail)
  79. Create API to get test case result (detail)
  80. ArgsAlreadyParsedError: arguments already parsed: cannot register CLI (detail)
  81. bottlenecks test case support (detail)
  82. Decoupling and (detail)
  83. Add support for Storperf job status (detail)
  84. Bugfix: dict don't have startwith method error when use API to run test (detail)
  85. fix SSH object examples to use correct context manager form (detail)
  86. netperf_node test case improvement. (detail)
  87. Create API and command to create a influxDB container (detail)
  88. Bugfix: the API to get result do not work due to can't parse $ (detail)
  89. centralize logging into root logger (detail)
  90. Use flask jsonify method to return json result (detail)
  91. BugFix: yardstick-docker-build-push failure (detail)
  92. Modify url mapping to make API more Restful (detail)
  93. Bugfix: debug should be default off (detail)
  94. Clone the corresponding branch of the repo according to the job branch (detail)
  95. vsperf: Enhanced vswitchperf configuration (detail)
  96. import new _put_file_shell method from upstream rally (detail)
  97. switch logging to proper usage (detail)
  98. Add API to run test case under samples directory (detail)
  99. Add swagger support for Rest API (detail)
  100. Add support for sample testcase to get test result (detail)
  101. argsAlreadyParsedError: arguments already parsed: cannot register CLI (detail)
  102. Add API to create Grafana container (detail)
  103. Making nginx and uwsgi service start when run docker by using supervisor (detail)
  104. Add API and command support for yardstick env prepare (detail)
  105. enhance test cases description and provide more info(in progress) (detail)
  106. Bugfix: easy_install -U setuptools go wrong due to the setuptools (detail)
  107. Bugfix: create yardstick.conf file failed due to wrong config file path (detail)
  108. use context manager for stdin files and use _put_file_shell (detail)
  109. Change grafana default dashboard from ping to opnfv_yardstick_tc002 (detail)
  110. Bugfix: create stack failed due to not export EXTERNAL_NETWORK (detail)
  111. update grafana dashboard opnfv_yardstick_tc002 (detail)
  112. Bugfix: update Yardstick custom VM image name in user guide (detail)
  113. env: convert file open to context manager (detail)
  114. BugFix: Upgrade python-novaclient and other dependencies (detail)
  115. add flag to request for a pseudo terminal (pty) for ssh (detail)
  116. Add support for OpenSrack Newton (detail)
  117. Bugfixed:run command: "yardstick-img-modify" fail! (detail)
  118. Update Yardstick README file (detail)
  119. Add smoke, components, features and performance test suite for Yatdstick (detail)
  120. Use openstack command instead keystone command in (detail)
  121. change m1.* flavor to "yardstick-flavor" (detail)
  122. BugFix: remotepath cannot be found (detail)
  123. Replace heat, keystone and nova command with openstack command (detail)
  124. para stdout=PIPE is risky (detail)
  125. fixed issue in yardstick-img-modify cleanup() fun (detail)
  126. ssh: don't quote ~ in remotepaths (detail)
  127. restore the yardstick-img-modify cleanup() func (detail)
  128. Move uwsgi.log and yardstick.sock to proper location (detail)
  129. Yardstick API refactor (detail)
  130. Bugfix: the script will load a image with the same name (detail)
  131. Add sqlite and SQLAlchemy support for API (detail)
  132. Use ConfigParser to write yardstick.conf (detail)
  133. BugFix: correct Copyright info in (detail)
  134. Create ping_load sample configuration yaml file (detail)
  135. Fix installation dependency and authentication issue for fuel plugin (detail)
  136. Yardstick Plugin: add support for ssh login using key (detail)
  137. Record test case names when run a task using API (detail)
  138. Split Yardstick CLI with Yardstick core logic (detail)
  139. Adding python package requirement for VNF testing. (detail)
  140. Yardstick framework concurrent support (detail)
  141. Add API to get the status of async task (detail)
  142. associate an uuid to yardstick_key and (detail)
  143. Create API to run test suite (detail)
  144. Bugfix: task_id parameter from API can not pass to yardstick core (detail)
  145. remove failing influx testcases (detail)
  146. heat: fix key_uuid format (detail)
  147. Add support for Python 3 (detail)
  148. Bugfix:can not run a test suite if not under yardstick root path (detail)
  149. Use """ to replace ''' in docstring (detail)
  150. Bugfix: command "openstack image list" failed (detail)
  151. Add unittest framework for Yardstick API (detail)
  152. heat: convert open to context manager (detail)
  153. heat: minor fixes, don't use len > 0 and use next instead of [0] (detail)
  154. heat: close file before parsing template (detail)
  155. Re-factor to use better python inbuilt functions (detail)
  156. Verify stdin data before doing encodeutils safe_encode (detail)
  157. Bugfix: context not found for server ''node1.LF'' (detail)
  158. Bugfix: command "openstack image list" failed (detail)
  159. Introducing Standalone context for running test in non-managed (detail)
  160. Introducing the collector to subscribe/publish the KPIs for yardstick (detail)
  161. Generic helper function to provision and get path from config (detail)
  162. Introducing Generic framework to do pre-deployment VNF & Network service (detail)
  163. Adding sample yardstick.conf & pod files to help describe the topology (detail)
  164. Add infrastructure to add the NFVi KPI collections (detail)
  165. Adding generic traffic profiles for trex traffic generator (detail)
  166. Adding ping based sample VNF appliance (detail)
  167. Adding ping testcase to demonstrate the isb Generic framework (detail)
  168. Adding trex trafficgen example. (detail)
  169. Adding Trex rfc2544 VNF class to initate Traffic for throughput (detail)
  170. Adding vPE VNF class aligned with IETS per-deploy senarios (detail)
  171. Adding sample Thoughput Test case for vPE. (detail)
  172. Setup yardstick_virtual environments for Network Service Testing (detail)
  173. Adding simple cmdline to run the Network service testcases (detail)
  174. basic tox.ini for python 2.7 and python 3 unittests (detail)
  175. Create API to get a list of all test cases (detail)
  176. Record task status if running via CLI (detail)
  177. Fix: network_services: decode stdout instead of encode (detail)
  178. nfvi: disable failing AMQP unittest (detail)
  179. Push yardstick debug log into the artifacts (detail)
  180. KVMFORNFV: Implementing test suites for kvmfornfv ovs+dpdk scenarios. (detail)
  181. fix unittests, mock trex_stl_lib, fix raw_input, division (detail)
  182. fix unittests failures due to py3 (detail)
  183. Pass environment variables of proxy to tox (detail)
  184. Proposing Ross Brattain as a commiter in yardstick (detail)
  185. Proposing Trevor Cooper as a commiter in yardstick (detail)
  186. test_tg_text: fix indentation (detail)
  187. Bugfix: write_json_to_file: use json.dump with files (detail)
  188. vnf_generic: convert sshmanager to class (detail)
  189. vnf_generic: replace list comprehension with generator expression (detail)
  190. vnfdgen: replace six.iteritems() with .items() (detail)
  191. test_vnf_generic: fix unitests when files are present (detail)
  192. nsb: move NSB root to constant, add unittest (detail)
  193. pylint fixes: remove redundant parens, fix comparison order (detail)
  194. Bugfix: apex_lake: sort json keys for git (detail)
  195. test_env_action: use dict literal (detail)
  196. more logging fixes (detail)
  197. uwsgi: move init_db to uwsgi entry point (detail)
  198. remove trex install from (detail)
  199. Fix: yardstick-docker-build-push-master failure (detail)
  200. fix super() calls, must use explicit class name (detail)
  201. KVMFORNFV: Implementing test suites for kvmfornfv ovs+dpdk+barometer (detail)
  202. Bux: task_id parameter from API can not pass to yardstick core (detail)
  203. New reliability/availability testcase - IP datagram error rate and etc. (detail)
  204. BugFix: Adopt to latest result structure while parsing the results (detail)
  205. Update CLI Command in yardstick TC019, TC045~TC048 (detail)
  206. set log file to store debug info (detail)
  207. Update Openstack CLI Command for Scenario-based HA Testcases which have (detail)
  208. This Patch is used to add grafana config to opnfv dashboard for (detail)
  209. Update Openstack CLI Command in yardstick ha test framework (detail)
  210. collectd: typo and call super() (detail)
  211. load_images: update flavor for _ovs_ scenarios (detail)
  212. NSBPerf: fix indent (detail)
  213. Scenario is reporting result for last test only (detail)
  214. Bugfix: AttributeError: 'dict' object has no attribute 'encode' (detail)
  215. Context improvement: add support for configing node environment (detail)
  216. Bugfix: report date format wrong when upload result data to mongoDB (detail)
  217. tc076 rst documentation (detail)
  218. yardstick ping testcase yaml update (detail)
  219. solve apex ci problem (new scenario) (detail)
  220. add scenario to solve apex ci fail (detail)
  221. Update missing license headers (detail)
  222. Docs: Adding preliminary documentation for Network Service Benchmarking. (detail)
  223. Add python-pip & flake8 package to (detail)
  224. improving if conditions :) (detail)
  225. ci in huawei-pod1 do not run test case after tc074 (detail)
  226. bottlenecks: stress ping yaml file bug fix (detail)
  227. Create Grafana dashboards according config file under (detail)
  228. add grafana dashboard for os-nosdn-nofeature-ha (detail)
  229. BugFix: update to paramiko 1.18.0 to fix TypeError (detail)
  230. Record test case names when run a task using API (detail)
  231. Add common method of openstack in openstack_utils (detail)
  232. heat context support affinity and anti-affinity (detail)
  233. fix: remove headers from generated files (detail)
  234. heat: replace dict key checking with .get() (detail)
  235. Re-enable floating IP tests for bgpvpn (detail)
  236. stream default INFO, filehdr default DEBUG (detail)
  237. Split reporting_target from http_target in yardstick_verify (detail)
  238. move external_network auto-assign to Heat context (detail)
  239. env prepare check openrc already sourced (detail)
  240. Add uefi image support for yardstick (detail)
  241. update trex version for import bug (detail)
  242. Yardstick Preliminary Documentation (detail)
  243. Bugfix: don't use jsonutils.load, use loads() (detail)
  244. Bugfix: yardstick will create stacks with the same name when run using (detail)
  245. Add NUMA pinning support for node context (detail)
  246. fixes: use isinstance, fix logging, use dict literal (detail)
  247. Bugfix: load_images cleanup, shellcheck fixes (detail)
  248. Bugfix: Failed executing command: 'free -s 1 -c 10' (detail)
  249. Bugfix: load_images missing space before = (detail)
  250. fixes and cleanup (detail)
  251. Bugfix: fix grep syntax with if (detail)
  252. shellcheck fixes (detail)
  253. Bugfix: Using the right trex version to support both py2.7 & py3 (detail)
  254. Bug Fix: force the network to attacht to trex to start the traffic (detail)
  255. Adding Labels (detail)
  256. Bugfix: heat: don't json encode template (detail)
  257. Bugfix: yardstick https support (detail)
  258. Add CPU pinning support for node context (detail)
  259. Bugfix: network_utilization: parse error (detail)
  260. Bugfix: fatal: destination path '/opt/tempT' already exists and is not (detail)
  261. fix fuel plugin installation issue (detail)
  262. pass user_data to heat template (detail)
  263. Bugfix: yardstick-image built without test tools (detail)
  264. Refine test case description for tc076 (detail)
  265. add missing test suite files for new scenarios (detail)
  266. Yardstick: User interface for Yardstick. (detail)
  267. Dockerfile: Use qemu-user-static from xenial (detail)
  268. add missing test suite files for new scenarios (detail)
  269. yardstick offline support (detail)
  270. update lxd image disk format for openstack CLI (detail)
  271. Bugfix: replace MD5SUM with SHA256SUMs (detail)
  272. Bugfix: remove vivid as it is EOL (detail)
  273. Bugfix: netperf_bottleneck execute failed because is_same_heat_context (detail)
  274. aarch64: Improve arch detection snippet (detail)
  275. Bugfix: Could not load EntryPoint.parse when using 'openstack -h' (detail)
  276. aarch64: Fix missing qemu-aarch64-static in chroot (detail)
  277. Update yardstick framework architecture in userguide (detail)
  278. Bugfix: TC002 image error in fuel-arm pod scenarios (detail)
  279. model: pylint fixes (detail)
  280. Update cirros image to latest version (detail)
  281. Bugfix:add storperf flavor for TC074 (detail)
  282. Bugfix:HA test cases rely on dynamic ip addresses in fuel pods (detail)
  283. pathspec 'master' did not match any file(s) known to git (detail)
  284. Bugfix: Error validating value 'cirros-0.3.5' (detail)
  285. Set work directory in Yardstick container (detail)
  286. yardstick offline support (detail)
  287. Bugfix: improper license header in swagger docs (detail)
  288. Bugfix: cacert should suppot insecure mode if needed (detail)
  289. Bugfix: Add test suite for opnfv_os-odl_l3-ovs-ha_daily scenario (detail)
  290. Refine documentation (detail)
  291. add yardstick_user_interface chapter in userguide (detail)
  292. Store packetsize in influxdb (detail)
  293. Refine documentation (detail)
  294. Yardstick virtualenv support (detail)
  295. Bugfix: take test case modification into effect in (detail)
  296. Add opnfv_os-ovn-nofeature-noha_daily test suite (detail)
  297. cachestat: use raw strings to escape \d (detail)
  298. operation_general: fix logging to use %s (detail)
  299. attacker_general: fix logging to use %s (detail)
  300. Bugfix: fix query job status in TC074 (detail)
  301. Bugfix: fix ubuntu image name typo (detail)
  302. pip install yardstick failed in Apex (detail)
  303. cyclictest: use raw strings to escape \[8 (detail)
  304. KVMFORNFV: Grafana config for Packet Forwarding test cases. (detail)
  305. Add a new runner to test end-to-end fast data path (detail)
  306. standardize ssh auth (detail)
  307. Add a new monitor type: MultiMonitor that can run any number of other (detail)
  308. Bugfix: fix typo (detail)
  309. KVMFORNFV:Passing breaktrace option to cyclictest. (detail)
  310. Add SRIOV support (detail)
  311. Yardstick virtualenv support (detail)
  312. Update virtualenv installation step in userguide (detail)
  313. Bugfix: Make tc019 abd tc025 accept --task-args options to change (detail)
  314. Bugfix: fix multi-region support (detail)
  315. Point to user guide to get started on VNF testing (detail)
  316. Bugfix: yardstick env prepare cmd do not support other installer (detail)
  317. Bugfix: fix HA testcases (detail)
  318. bugfix: fix HA testcases (detail)
  319. Extend TC008 to run pktgen-dpdk inside VM Need a fast path inside VM to (detail)
  320. Bugfix: KeyError when using http dispatcher (detail)
  321. run ha test case in compass pod (detail)
  322. fix ha issue when run tc050~tc054 in ci (detail)
  323. Bugfix: fix HA test case tc046 (detail)
  324. Modify HA test cases and HA test script to support other installers (detail)
  325. Bugfix: Local Openstack Operation in HA test frameworks (detail)
  326. Update release note for Danube.2.0 (detail)
  327. Bugfix: Support HA test cases in TripleO (detail)
  328. KVMFORNFV: Suppress tracing with breaktrace option (detail)
  329. Create flavor from heat context (detail)
  330. Bugfix: change monitor command in tc019 (detail)
  331. fix multi-monitor unitest hang (detail)
  332. Bumped ansible version to 2.2.2. (detail)
  333. Added PyCharms files to gitignore. (detail)
  334. increase monitor number in cases. (detail)
  335. This is the vote for yardstick new PTL (detail)
  336. fix bug: multi monitor (detail)
  337. Terminate openstack service process using kill command in HA test cases (detail)
  338. Added arm condition in to avoid installation error on ubuntu. (detail)
  339. Pass parameters between scenarios (detail)
  340. Bugfix: AttributeError when run tc055 (detail)
  341. Imporve monitor_process pass criteria (detail)
  342. Add a new runner to do binary search for max PPS (detail)
  343. utils: make module import safer (detail)
  344. update requirements.txt for OpenStack Ocata (detail)
  345. fix No handler warning by calling _init_logging (detail)
  346. Adapt lmbench scripts for aarch64 nodes (detail)
  347. Fix configuration error in TC025 (detail)
  348. Bugfix: load_image will move image file if image already exist in (detail)
  349. cleanup: remove fuel plugin since fuel@opnfv uses mcp (detail)
  350. heat: use dict literal in init_template (detail)
  351. Configure Yardstick flavor to give more RAM to ARM instances (detail)
  352. Acquire NSB specific data from Heat. (detail)
  353. ping: don't split if target_vm is a dict (detail)
  354. temp freeze releng version for stable/danube workaround (detail)
  355. increase line length to 99 (detail)
  356. Yardstick output format unified (detail)
  357. bugfix: storperf timeout in ci (detail)
  358. auto restart influxdb and grafana support (detail)
  359. HA testcase improvement (detail)
  360. improve git code with devstack functions (detail)
  361. Improve Yardstick user-guide (detail)
  362. Add API to update openrc variable (detail)
  363. Add API to upload pod.yaml file (detail)
  364. Add API to update hosts info about SUT (detail)
  365. Bugfix: remove double quote around SECURE variable (detail)
  366. Set TEST_DB_URL for storperf (detail)
  367. Add API to update pod yaml file (detail)
  368. Call core code directly in the API of run test case (detail)
  369. show actual exceptions in (detail)
  370. Bugfix: remove test.dbf file in recovery script (detail)
  371. Add API to show test case documentation (detail)
  372. Change prepareYardstickEnv to prepare_env and add log info (detail)
  373. Use "OS_INSECURE" variable as the insecure mode indicator (detail)
  374. unify pod keywork so api can easily used (detail)
  375. Bugfix: amend the CLI to build yardstick-image manually (detail)
  376. Blacklist TC011 from suites with ODL (detail)
  377. Yardstick: Aarch64 jenkins slave support (detail)
  378. Bugfix: background scenario can't not update result (detail)
  379. Bugfix: Abnormally stopped background scenario causes test data lost (detail)
  380. support segmentation_id for vlan provider network (detail)
  381. Bugfix: test case constraint not work if "INSTALLER_TYPE" and (detail)
  382. Add API to update hosts info about SUT (detail)
  383. move flatten dict key to common utils (detail)
  384. Improvement: delete stack if create stack failed (detail)
  385. Yardstick install storperf update (detail)
  386. Testing live migration using qemu (detail)
  387. Change storperf target IP (detail)
  388. Update NSBPerf CLI to adapt to new output format (detail)
  389. ipaddress: don't use backport on python 3 (detail)
  390. Yardstick API architecture improvement (detail)
  391. Yardstick api database v2 model (detail)
  392. constants: default SERVER_IP to (detail)
  393. Change endpoint to url in API (detail)
  394. test_nstat: decrease sleep time for unittest (detail)
  395. NSBperf: fix bad sigint handler (detail)
  396. Add API to create environment (detail)
  397. update gitignore to exclude *.DS_Store *.log (detail)
  398. Add API to get environments (detail)
  399. Add API to get single environment info (detail)
  400. Add API to delete single environment (detail)
  401. test_base: speedup unittest, wait for queue not empty (detail)
  402. pktgen: speedup unittest, mock time.sleep (detail)
  403. tg: speedup unittests, mock time.sleep (detail)
  404. apexlake: speed unittest, mock time.sleep (detail)
  405. test_vpe_vnf: speedup unittest, mock time (detail)
  406. test_pktgen_dpdk_throughput: speedup unittest, mock time.sleep() (detail)
  407. test_storperf: speedup unittest, use time.sleep(0) (detail)
  408. test_monitor_multi: speedup unittests, sleep less (detail)
  409. add network info to topology (detail)
  410. Add API(v2) to upload openrc (detail)
  411. Add API(v2)  to update openrc (detail)
  412. Add API(v2) to get openrc info (detail)
  413. Add API(v2) to delete openrc (detail)
  414. Add API(v2) to upload pod file (detail)
  415. test_monitor_command: mock LOG so we don't output error (detail)
  416. test_attacker_baremetal: don't run local commands (detail)
  417. Add API(v2) to get pod info (detail)
  418. Initial all url of api v2 (detail)
  419. attacker_process: fix typo s/envrioment/environment/ (detail)
  420. Add API(v2) to delete pod (detail)
  421. Danube 3.1 release notes (detail)
  422. add release date (detail)
  423. Kubernetes (k8s) support (detail)
  424. Bugfix: kubernetes context do not implement _get_network (detail)
  425. test_heat: don't waste 2 seconds in unittest (detail)
  426. test_delete_all_calls_delete: fix delete mock (detail)
  427. test_tg_rfc2544_trex: speedup unittest, set time.sleep(0) (detail)
  428. test_heat: ipaddress expects unicode inputs (detail)
  429. test_nstat: speedup unittests, sleep for 0 seconds (detail)
  430. Add API(v2) to create influxdb (detail)
  431. Open storperf testcase to huawei-pod2 (detail)
  432. Add API(v2) to create grafana (detail)
  433. Add API(v2) to get container info (detail)
  434. Fix adding right deb repo based on the distro we are running on (detail)
  435. Add API(v2) to delete container (detail)
  436. base: remove redudant ip_to_convert (detail)
  437. yardstick env influxdb/grafana cmd support centos (detail)
  438. Add API(v2) to create project (detail)
  439. Add API(v2) to get all projects info (detail)
  440. Add API(V2) to get certain project info (detail)
  441. Add API(v2) to delete certain project (detail)
  442. Add API(v2) to create task (detail)
  443. Add API(v2) to add environment to task (detail)
  444. Add API(v2) to get certain task info (detail)
  445. Add API(v2) to delete certain task (detail)
  446. heat: port_security_enabled, allowed_address_pairs, disable gateway_ip (detail)
  447. Add API(v2) to add case to task (detail)
  448. Add API(v2) to upload test case (detail)
  449. Add API(v2) to get all test case info (detail)
  450. Add API(v2) to get certain test case info (detail)
  451. Add API to delete certain test case (detail)
  452. Add API(v2) to create test suite (detail)
  453. Add API(v2) to get all test suite (detail)
  454. Add API(v2) to get certain test suite info (detail)
  455. HA testcase containerized Compass support (detail)
  456. Add API(v2) to delete certain test suite (detail)
  457. Improvement: support more parameters in fio testcase (detail)
  458. Add multiqueue support (detail)
  459. Add API(v2) to add suite to task (detail)
  460. Add API(v2) to load images (detail)
  461. Add API(v2) to get all images (detail)
  462. Add API(v2) to run task (detail)
  463. Add API(v2) to get all task info (detail)
  464. Bugfix: missing license in api directory (detail)
  465. Adding new SRIOV Standalone Context (detail)
  466. Setup OVS-DPDK Standalone Context (detail)
  467. vnfdgen: replace yaml.load with yaml.safe_load (detail)
  468. Add intermediate variable for HA test (detail)
  469. support more parameters in iperf3 testcase (detail)
  470. update storperf installation in Yardstick (detail)
  471. Bugfix: supoort insecure mode in checking openstack environment (detail)
  472. Bugfix: plugin remove command use "JUMP_HOST_IP" if ip is set to local (detail)
  473. fix sriov/ovs-dpdk unittests on systems with fewer than 10 cores (detail)
  474. Test Case: OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TC023: VM availability during live migration (detail)
  475. Yardstick GUI & GUI deployment (detail)
  476. leave port_security_enabled undefined by default (detail)
  477. Adding support for multi-dispatcher (detail)
  478. bugfix: enable vlan and physical netwok able to set (detail)
  479. bugfix: enable vlan and physical netwok able to set (detail)
  480. Heat: support create and attach volume in heat type context (detail)
  481. Heat: support vnic_type in heat type context (detail)
  482. Add spec cpu2006 test case (detail)
  483. Add more parameters in iperf3 taml (detail)
  484. Bugfix: yardstick always report 'PASS' to DB (detail)
  485. Add container ping VM test case (detail)
  486. add opnfv_os-odl-sfc-ha_daily.yaml test suite (detail)
  487. NSBperf: don't exit during import time (detail)
  488. workaround 'db type could not be determined' bug (detail)
  489. run_tests: don't write python bytecode (detail)
  490. cover: another 'db type could not be determined' workaround (detail)
  491. Add yardstick logo in GUI (detail)
  492. delete .testrepository before running coverage (detail)
  493. DRAFT: remove apexlake (detail)
  494. Bugfix: port_security_enabled issue (detail)
  495. replace yaml.load with yaml.safe_load (detail)
  496. test_env_action: speedup unittest, don't sleep (detail)
  497. Add task-args(from yaml file) candidates in /api/v2/yardstick/testcases (detail)
  498. New storage test case: Bonnie++ (detail)
  499. fix heatclient import (detail)
  500. pip_license: quick hack script to add license info to requirements.txt (detail)
  501. NSB update (detail)
  502. IXIA traffic generator (detail)
  503. Sample ACL VNF (detail)
  504. Collectd (detail)
  505. yardstick setup ansible, including load_images (detail)
  506. bugfix: hosts should be clean if update_hosts twice (detail)
  507. bugfix: tc025 and tc054 fail (detail)
  508. constants: cache YAML config values (detail)
  509. Bugfix: remove ping package for it is GPL license (detail)
  510. requirements.txt: add license info (detail)
  511. bugfix: tc037/38 multiprocessing failed sometimes (detail)
  512. NSB fixes: docstring, whitespace, etc. (detail)
  513. Add common openstack opertation scenarios: flavor & server (detail)
  514. Sample CGNAPT VNF (detail)
  515. Sample VFW VNF (detail)
  516. UDP relay (detail)
  517. Add common openstack opertation scenarios: image & volume (detail)
  518. bugfix: tc038 ssh default wait 3600s (detail)
  519. Add test case file and document of Tardstick TC056(HA_TC013) (detail)
  520. Add common openstack opertation scenarios: network (detail)
  521. Add real time log view in GUI (detail)
  522. Remove redundancy file and do relative modification (detail)
  523. Add test case file, document and related scripts of yardstick (detail)
  524. KVMFORNFV: Update Grafana config for Packet Forwarding test cases. (detail)
  525. ixia: VNF id must match class name (detail)
  526. Add Ansible executor class for node context (detail)
  527. Move the comment above the config parameter line to avoid the expection (detail)
  528. cli: typo, s/dispath/dispatch/g (detail)
  529. utils: create TASK_LOG_DIR if it doesn't exist (detail)
  530. Add yardstick report for each task (detail)
  531. PROX VNF and TG (detail)
  532. Ansible typo fix, whitespace (detail)
  533. Update release note for Danube.3.2 (detail)
  534. Integrate vsperf in Tgen mode (detail)
  535. ACL: remove failing testing (detail)
  536. dynamictp: fix flake8 warning (detail)
  537. task: initialize result (detail)
  538. deepgetitem: try string index before int (detail)
  539. gitignore: ignore .tox/ (detail)
  540. Download the right dpdk bind tool before starting the test case (detail)
  541. Enable vnf/tg instantiate as blocking call. (detail)
  542. Moving trex to latest version (v2.28) to support new NICs (detail)
  543. Enable ixnet traffic generator to run traffic (detail)
  544. html_template: can't use iteritems, use items (detail)
  545. run_traffic: capture and exit gracefully if crash in trex run_traffic (detail)
  546. YAML fixes (detail)
  547. Verify the route list before parsing the data key (detail)
  548. samplevnf: fix make_ip_addr (detail)
  549. improve tc055 results (detail)
  550. Fix import error in IxNetwork (detail)
  551. Support traffic generator for testing more than 10 ports (detail)
  552. Fix parsing of the results from collectd plugins (detail)
  553. import_modules_from_package: refactor with generators (detail)
  554. Fix IxLoad traffic generator issue around running the traffic. (detail)
  555. Add common openstack opertation scenarios: subnet & port (detail)
  556. remove apexlake-verify (detail)
  557. test_vsperf_dpdk: remove unused and incorrect mock open (detail)
  558. bugfix: tc063 fails to get the correct result in ubuntu node (detail)
  559. vnf_generic: fixup topology probe logic (detail)
  560. add ppm into result of pktgen to make result clear (detail)
  561. Refactor to make file sys more like class inheritance (detail)
  562. Re-define the framesize and flow dynamic define in testcase (detail)
  563. samplevnf_helper: use network address (detail)
  564. ssh: add new get_file_obj method to fetch remote files (detail)
  565. Test case: Fio volume benchmark testcase using job file (detail)
  566. Add common openstack opertation scenarios: volume & floating ip (detail)
  567. Test case: add test config file for TC078 and TC079 (detail)
  568. Add rpm,image directories and SLA options to Livemigration (detail)
  569. Add test case file, document and related scripts of yardstick (detail)
  570. improve tc002 to make packet size parameterize (detail)
  571. Fixed 1C/2T configuration issues. (detail)
  572. Fixed invalid vfw/vacl rulw config issues (detail)
  573. Add function to upload image from local/url in GUI (detail)
  574. ansible: update dpdk, trex and samplevnf install (detail)
  575. nsb: update HEAT testcases (detail)
  576. Standardized TRex client library path (detail)
  577. Added proxy setup for standard cloudimage playbooks. (detail)
  578. Removed unnecessary image definitions and flavor names. (detail)
  579. Create test suite k8-nosdn-lb-noha run with k8s context (detail)
  580. Trex: fix KPI collection (detail)
  581. Added external versions for vFW and cgnat TCs. (detail)
  582. Enabling ACL test for provider network. (detail)
  583. collectd: disable auto-provision (detail)
  584. Raise Exception if HA test case failed (detail)

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