1. trex: Add support for burst traffic type (details)
Commit 3da0f83cf379686aacab2a0e7ebba1d125791938 by martinx.klozik
trex: Add support for burst traffic type
Support for burst traffic type was added into T-Rex. This traffic type
is useful for tests, where a limited number of frames should be sent
through DUT.
Change-Id: I03b7150e66a0210cce91b20c751b8624c16f951b Signed-off-by:
Martin Klozik <> Reviewed-by: Al Morton
<> Reviewed-by: Christian Trautman <>
Reviewed-by: Sridhar Rao <> Reviewed-by: Richard
Elias <>
(cherry picked from commit e9ff0fdf355d26d0c171c6c1137c4beb12561233)
The file was modifiedtools/pkt_gen/ixia/
The file was modifiedtools/pkt_gen/ixnet/
The file was modifiedconf/03_traffic.conf
The file was modifiedtools/pkt_gen/moongen/
The file was modifiedtools/pkt_gen/xena/
The file was modifiedtools/pkt_gen/trafficgen/
The file was modifiedconf/integration/01_testcases.conf
The file was modifieddocs/testing/developer/devguide/design/trafficgen_integration_guide.rst
The file was modifieddocs/testing/developer/devguide/design/vswitchperf_design.rst
The file was modifiedcore/
The file was modifiedconf/01_testcases.conf
The file was modifieddocs/testing/user/configguide/trafficgen.rst
The file was modifiedtools/pkt_gen/testcenter/
The file was modifiedtools/pkt_gen/trex/
The file was modifiedtools/pkt_gen/dummy/