Build 964 Suite: daily Scenario: os-odl-nofeature-noha

JJB configured PROJECT parameter to identify an opnfv Gerrit project
URL to Google Storage.
URL to Google Storage proxy
JJB configured BRANCH parameter (e.g. master, stable/danube)
JJB configured GERRIT_BRANCH parameter (deprecated)
Default refspec needed for manually triggering.
IP of the installer
Path to private SSH key to access environment nodes
Installer used for deploying OPNFV on this POD
external network for test
URL to Google Storage.
Show debug output information
Git URL to use on this Jenkins Slave
Daily suite name to run
Remove downloaded docker images (opnfv/functest*:*)
Version directory where the opnfv documents will be stored in gs repository
Directory where the Functest repository is cloned
Push the results of all the tests to the resultDB
Path to the OS credentials file if given
Repository name for functest images